Decorative concrete is becoming famous as it helps to give a structure an aesthetic enhancement. It is of no difference to regular concrete and will serve its function being an integral part of the building. Mostly, these concretes are being used for floors, walls, driveways, and patios.

Brittons’ decorative concretes are prepared by adding a variety of standard materials during the pouring process or once the concrete is cured. This concrete will help you maintain a sturdy structure while being an eye-catcher at the same time. We provide variations in decorative concrete suiting your construction type. You can choose them or call our professionals to know more.

Have you ever worried about the stain marks on your already-dull concrete driveway? If so, now is the right time to switch to coloured concrete. Unlike the standard light, grey concretes, this concrete will help you hide the stains of tyre, dirt, and oil marks under the guise of a darker concrete.

Exposed concrete provide exceptional beauty to your structure. This concrete provides a thin surface layer exposing the beauty of the concrete underneath. Generally, this kind of aggregate is used on heavy load and traffic areas to provide perfect durability.

If you plan to buy concrete for your retail or commercial facilities like warehouse or office, choosing polished concretes will be viable. For those who are looking for smooth and high-lustre floors, this concrete will be the best choice.

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