The Process

The Process

New Pool Installations​

At Nautical Pools, we understand entirely that between design concepts, budget considerations, available backyard space and your particular vision, selecting and installing a pool may feel like an overwhelming experience to some.

We have decades of experience and expertise in this field and can walk you through the entire process step-by-step, while you relax in the knowledge that you are dealing with experts in the industry.

Together, we will design, budget for and execute the pool and pool area of your dreams.


Stage 1 - Pool Planning

At Nautical Pools, we don’t believe in hidden costs or surprises of any kind. By carefully reviewing your budget, your needs and your expectations at the outset, we can provide your desired results.

At the time of your free site visit and quote consultation, we will first discuss your particular vision, and together we will craft a project that fits your budget.

After assessing your available backyard space, we will discuss things like pool sizes and styles, any water features or spa additions that you would like and the different colours and finishes that we have to offer. We will also discuss options like pool fencing, paving, concreting and landscaping.

Stage 3 - Build/Install Commences

It’s an exciting time as work on your new pool begins! Before the arrival of your pool, the site excavation will start and we will erect temporary pool fencing to protect the area.

After the pool shell arrives and is installed, we will complete all of the plumbing and electrical work.

We then concrete the structure itself and finish with any additionally requested services; such as paving, fencing and landscaping.

Stage 2 - Pool Approval

Stage 2 consists of going over the finer contract points and legalities that need to be accomplished ahead of time. These include council approvals, inspections and your final decisions as to pool colours, finishes, fencing and any special requests, specifications or requirements that you have.

We will also go over when and how we will access the building site and the time frame during which the work will commence and be completed, as well as potential outsourcing of work (only if required and / or warranted).

We will then execute all contracts and paperwork – and of course, we will go over everything in great detail and answer all of your questions.

Stage 4 - The Home Stretch

Hand over! You are nearly ready to go! In order to use your new pool, you, the customer must organise the final pool council inspection under the Swimming Pool Act 1992. Your pool should not be used until a final occupation certificate has been issued.

You will also need to register your pool at Then you are ready to use your new pool. To keep your pool sparkling refer to the pool guide supplied or your local pool shop.