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Penrith’s Residential Tinting Specialist

There are many valuable reasons why you should invest in residential tinting from Sol Stop Tinting. Over the years, customers from Windsor, Blacktown, the Blue Mountains, and Penrith have reaped the benefits of our specialised services. Our high quality window films can add heat and safety protection to any size property. They also help to reject solar heat and reduce the risk of fading interior furnishings. We provide high performance solar protection at cost-effective prices to make your home feel more comfortable and save money on electricity.

The Choice is Yours

We have a wide range of solar films available at our Penrith showroom. You’ll get the chance to speak with a member of our team who can help you determine which residential tinting best suits your needs. We guarantee that whatever choice you make, you’ll be more than satisfied with the performance of our films. From very light to complete blockout, our products are designed with comfort and style in mind.

Benefits of Residential Tinting

  • Interior furnishings, such as curtains, carpets, and sofas become fully protected from threats of fading by blocking out the harsh sun. Sol Stop Tinting films reject ultraviolet light by an astonishing 99%.
  • Never feel sweaty and uncomfortable in hot spot areas of your home. Our films will save you from excessive heat by rejecting up to 79% of solar energy.
  • Residential tinting keeps the inside of your property warmer, as heat loss through glass is reduced by 30%.
  • Receive protection from harsh glare by up to 80%, enabling you to watch television and use your computer comfortably.
  • Stay protected from broken and flying glass, via our very strong safety adhesive system.

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The team at Sol Stop Tinting is proud to be Penrith’s home, business, and car window tinting experts. We specialise in decorative, frosted, residential, commercial, and safety films that will add value to any property.