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Shatter Resistant Safety Films

Whether you own a home or business, you need to make sure certain safety measures are put in place. At Sol Stop Tinting, we have the perfect window safety solutions to keep your property fully protected. Keep your loved ones and colleagues safe from unwanted intruders and sharp glass with our high quality range of safety films.

Flying Glass Prevention

Windows should be shatter resistant, preventing glass fragments from flying when accidents happen. Sol Stop Tinting safety films do not stop windows from breaking, but they do hold glass shards together. This protects you, your family, and your property from danger and injury. Many home and business owners across Windsor, Blacktown, the Blue Mountains, and Penrith have experienced a great difference since having our safety films installed.

Protect Your Property From Crime

Sadly, crime and vandalism is a real concern for home and business owners all across Australia. Glass is an easy target, so your windows need to be fully protected at all times. Our affordable security films can deter burglars from what would usually be an easy entry point. Safety films hold windows together firmly, stopping intruders and vandals from smashing a window and entering your property quickly.

When natural disasters strike

It is important to be prepared in the event of a natural disaster. Earthquakes, cyclones, and other such events occur, and unprotected windows leave you with a higher risk of injury. Our security films hold glass together to prevent unthinkable damage to you and your property.

Thicker and stronger safety films are available in a range of clear or tinted finishes for large windows or those looking for extra security. We can also install one-way effect safety films for privacy. Our safety films offer a complete surface protection system for windows that are usually vulnerable to damage.

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The team at Sol Stop Tinting is proud to be Penrith’s home, business, and car window tinting experts. We specialise in decorative, frosted, residential, commercial, and safety films that will add value to any property.